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Segovia artist reaches the American market through Contemporary ROR exposes Art Fair in Santa Fe (USA)

The International Art Fair Santa Fe (Texas-USA) exhibits the work of artist Luis Moro Segovia, which has led to his series American exhibition hall “Guira Oga” (Home to The Birds), Hand Gallery Contemporary ROR. The work is a series made between Mexico and Texas on the world of birds and its important role in pollination and natural balance, made ​​in mixed media on canvas between 2013/14.

[…] Luis Moro on a legacy work of other travelers from the old continent, arrives to explore biodiversity … allows us to look into a fantastic world that coexists on the epidermis of the earth, through a loose-leaf animalario not shown any description but generates through its own discourse stunning visual narratives. But his concern, however being linked to a hobby that could be considered scientific, does not focus on the faithful reproduction of this reality, but stripped of their environment and translates, keeping alive the feeling of being in an impact of synthesis and graphic force. […]

Rafael Perez and Perez
Deputy Director of the SHCP Museum Mexico