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Animal Cartography: Redbud Gallery. Houston. Oct-Nov 2016

“… An intrinsic task exists to creative work, that of discovering a world through observation, this takes us to the question of finding a parallel with the gatherer

of images, he that finds in the world palpable species that use and transform as a way of artifice. A custom that is perhaps linked with this intimate form of understanding through a symbolic collectivity that escapes the curiosity box to make itself portable through the scrapbook of exploration and notes where the most significant finds in the cosmos are reproduced.

Luis Moro, in a task inherited from other travelers from the Old World, arrives in Mexico to explore the biodiversity, paraphrasing from other scrapbooks created in Oaxaca, but at the same time disticntly different from them. Moro looks for pure representation, away from myth and that regions’ traditions, creating his own fables starting from the overlapping of images in a kind of collage.

This way of transcribing nature, given its inverse proportions, from small to large and vice versa, allows us to peek into a fantastical world that coexists on the epidermis of the earth through the looseleaf pages of a bestiary that does not illustrate descriptions but creates them through its own surprising visual narrations…”


Rafael Pérez y Pérez

Subdirector of the Museum SHCP, Mexico City


“… Existe una labor intrínseca a la labor creativa, la de descubrir el mundo a través de la observación; esto nos lleva a la cuestión de encontrar un paralelismo con el recolector de imágenes, aquel que encuentra en el mundo palpable especies que utiliza y transforma como una manera de artificialia; costumbre quetal vez se vincula a esta forma íntima de entender un coleccionismo simbólico, el cual escapa del gabinete de maravillas para hacerse portable a través del álbum de exploración y notas, donde reproduce sus hallazgos más significativos en el cosmos.

Luis Moro en una labor heredada de otros viajeros provenientes del viejo continente, llega a México para explorar la biodiversidad, en una paráfrasis de otros álbumes realizados en la región de Oaxaca; pero a diferencia de ellos, Moro busca la representación pura, fuera del mito y la tradición de esta región, creando sus propias fabulaciones a partir de la sobreposición de imágenes en una especie de collage.

Esta forma de transcripción de la naturaleza, dada su proporciones inversas (de pequeño a grande y viceversa), nos permite asomarnos a un mundo fantástico que coexiste sobre la epidermis de la tierra, a través de hojas sueltas de un animalario que no ilustra descripción alguna, sino genera a través de su propio discurso narraciones visuales sorprendentes…”

 Rafael Pérez y Pérez

Subdirector Museo SHCP,

Ciudad de México

Animals are just a pretext for telling other stories, even if the universe already speaks through every living being.
“My work is based around the animal world and its relationship with man and his borders, marked by the countries geographical limitations, highways, cities, and industrial centers that are true walls for animal migrations. In particular, for the monarch butterfly on its long trip across North America and the development of different forms of life and the natural balance.

There are maps of bison, real victims of human progress. The polar bear at a North Pole that is thawing as a metaphor of climate change and the consequences of a space marked by humans and the over exploitation of the planet. On the other hand, there are also pianola scores with musical slits in the paper pointing to the songs of birds, symbol of the relationship of nature with the artifices that coexist within it.”

Luis Moro

Opening Oct. 2016