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On Friday, November 3, 2017, Luis Moro’s Fragments of the Paradise reception will open at 6 pm at Samara Gallery, 3911 Main Street, Houston, Texas.

Fragments of the Paradise 

“Throughout his extensive career, Luis Moro has created his own world founded upon his intense relationship with nature. His work has developed his fascination with the inexhaustible and mysterious forms of the animal world… From a formal point of view, his is a gestural, loose, figurative, active painting in permanent metamorphosis. Such metamorphosis can be observed not only in the motives behind the work, but also in the painting itself. It journeys from the figurative to the abstract continuously, based on a with a great handling of drawing and color…”

Este viernes 03 de noviembre a las 6 pm se inaugura la muestra Paraísos elementales de Luis Moro en Samara Gallery, 3911 Main Street, Houston, Texas.