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Luis Moro continuing international roaming in France, Belgium, Korea and Mexico’s main museums and the Smithsonian Museo Alameda in San Antonio (USA) where he shows an exhibition about the microscopic world of insects, animate beings and Microcosm.

Now presented in La Reja gallery paintings drawings and project grant from Conaculta (Secretary of Culture of Mexico along with his team of international Axertia company working to develop a multimedia, 3D animation, and give life to their insect under the title Segovia “The garden animated” and can interact with the audience in augmented reality, presented in the Gallery for later Texas Gravelmoulth itinerarla in Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery in Mexico City, Gray Duck in Austin (USA).

The project immerses the viewer into the plastic, through a combination of new technologies and art, which allow public interaction with the work. In it, the artificial intelligence system analyzes this work establishing the relationship between the pictorial elements of the work with the movement and attitude of the viewer.

“One of the great constants of contemporary art, is the tension between fiction and reality, between art and life, no doubt, a variant that leads to its conclusion this polarization is the opposition between nature and culture. Havens Elementary is a demonstration of how inseparable from the bond between man and wildlife can collapse prejudice where everything produced our species – this is the culture – is a device that separates us from nature, being the conjunction in this project both science and art, as technology and aesthetic experience, knowledge sources that allow us from our own humanity, ourselves as one factor that determines the delicate balance of life on our planet. ”

Eduardo Egea .Aad.


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