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La cuenta atrás portada-bajaKnowledge of nature stands in the work of artist Luis Moro (Segovia, 1969), who displays his evolution in representing the animal world and its delicate balance on the planet in the countdown.

This is a retrospective catalog comprised of 97 works by the Spanish creator from 1991-2014 will be presented on Tuesday October 14 at 19:00 pm at the Cultural Center of Spain.

The book also includes descriptive texts by Ana Martínez de Aguilar, director of the Museo Esteban Vicente (Spain); Guillermo Hoyos, director of the Museo Alameda Smithsonian (EU); Rafael Pérez y Pérez, deputy director of the Museum of Finance (Mexico); JL Augé, director of Goya Museum (France) and former directors of IAGO (Oaxaca) William Fricke and Fernando Galvez.

“I began to paint early eighties, but I began to have an international career in 1991 to exhibit in Paris, Berlin, Italy and Prague. The catalog contains this period that have worked with the animal world as a metaphor for life and transformation. ”

Through painting, sculpture and printmaking, Luis Moro has shaped zoomorphic elements that protrude arthropods and invertebrates, often behind in artistic expression.

“I was born in Segovia, an old Roman, historical and cultural city. From child left home to paint the landscape, but gradually these little beings that went unnoticed I were interested, I bought a microscope, analyzed the wings of insects and there I found the magic of nature and sense of microcosm and the macrocosm. What seemed secondary elements began to become the protagonists of my work. ”

He considered that insects represent 70 percent of life on Earth and yet, man has been pretty selfish to feel absolute master of the planet, so it was interesting to glance towards these little beings that inhabit our environment .

On the other hand, Mexico has played an important role in Luis Moro creatively, as the country’s wildlife has inspired several of his series, including one dedicated to the Monarch butterfly as a symbol of transformation and freedom, and another is to xoloitzcuintle , animal long established and relevance in Mexican culture.

Luis Moro has made more than 40 solo exhibitions in galleries and museums in France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Korea, United States and Mexico.

In 2012 he received a grant from Conaculta to perform a multimedia project, 3D animation, to give life to a number of insects in composition propitiate the interaction with the viewer in an augmented reality.

The countdown will be presented on Tuesday 14 October at 19:00 in the Panorama Room of the Cultural Center of Spain, Guatemala Street 18, Centro Historico with the participation of Doctor of art history, Miguel Ángel Muñoz; deputy director of the Museum of Art Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), Rafael Pérez y Pérez, writer and art critic Fernando Gálvez de Aguinaga and Luis Moro.