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“It was an honor for the Alameda Museum / Smithsonian exhibition have been chosen by the great artist Luis Moro segoviano for presenting your work of Dioscorides Bestiary. This important painter provides extensive research on the key issues for dialogue on painting in the abstract. Topics of animals ranging from a basic understanding of the nature of language and poetry dreams, for a total investment in the possibilities inherent in a single color. Their masterful execution couple unexpected confidence and makes an investment the intelligence of the viewer that often came free from the burden of context. Moro extracted unique elements unique colors and illuminated by a discussion of the gestures, the surface and the subconscious that although contemporary in nature, can be traced directly to the philosophy of painting that define the great schools for the introduction to a passionate audience. for him, the reality of representation has been replaced by a trust that the viewer is the element that completes its work. ‘Art of Moro perceive the exaltation of living values ​​and complicated. ”

Guillermo Hoyos, Director

MUSEO ALAMEDA, Smithsonian Affiliate
San Antonio, Texas, EE.UU.