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It is poetry and paper and lithographic prints. It is hidden but is transparent. A lovely book artist! They are only three poems and three lithographs hierarchical voice of the young painter, but the combination is exquisite, deep, beautiful, faithful to the globe that the painters and poets race when bound to “milagrear”.

Book presentation

The book presentation

Gamoneda has a long and intense relationship with plastic artists: folders, books, catalogs, and with edits or unpublished verses. Antonio Gamoneda has written frequently about art: Echauz, Tapies, Chillida, Barjola, J.Mª Navascués, Jorge Pedrero, Piñel, Caneja, Juan Martinez, Juan Carlos Mestre, Labrador, Agulló, Amancio Gonzalez, Jose Luis Sanchez, Lucio Muñoz, Fauthoux, Luis G. Benavides, Kurosawa, Mieres, Felix Cardenas, Orlando Pelayo, Arcadio Blasco, Alejandro Vargas, Esteban de la Foz … And books with Tapies, Barjola Alvaro Delgado, Bernardo Sanjurjo or now with Luis Moro.
In his poems, Antonio Gamoneda says that “the smell of resin is useful in heart” and refers to “fatigue of birds chased by the light.” And there is much question with depth, “but what I do in front of the abyss?” And “clearly lost what we come from?”. Knowing that “the impossibility is our church.” He ends, exhausted, drunk go juniper, such as blackbirds dream, certifying: “So, the madness is perfect.”

Luis Moro has always stuck to life., Nature and through animals and insects tells us his anger and concern, his lyrical world, his frustration and his joy, his heaven and hell. He made these litos in Blackstone Mexico City workshop, on Arches paper, cotton, 300gr.

The book consists of 75 partners and more of courtesy and was edited by Rodrigo Juarranz. It was presented Tuesday at the headquarters of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors with a large influx and expectation.
“A hidden animal” gave us the opportunity to hear the teacher Gamoneda, with its pasted voice that comes from the heart of time, caressing each phrase with the hand of an angel. Read these poems, they are important; see the book is a gem !. A jewel for those who consider the fertility of culture, beauty, clarity, freedom of thought and intelligence hierarchy. Gamoneda is said that “it is not a thinking man,” he said here on Tuesday, he denies. The oracle shelled say that pierced his silence jet, while in Madrid, cheerful and confident, dusk. What use would all these great awards won without that identity that locates and raises?